About Ann Barnes

Ann Barnes was born in Texas and is a descendant of five Texas families. Her deep Texas roots have been the motivating force behind her desire to learn about her Texas heritage. She has been an avid genealogist and family historian for more than 20 years. She served as historian of The von Rosenberg Family of Texas family organization for 12 years at which time she compiled the first computerized database of the von Rosenbergs, beginning with emigrant ancestor Peter Carl von Rosenberg and his two wives. From that database the third volume of The von Rosenberg Family of Texas compiled history was completed and released in 2001. Since that time Ann has written two books about Peter Carl von Rosenberg’s family and life based on translated letters written by his wife Amanda to friends and relatives.

The von Rosenberg Family of Texas: The Emigration Story is not another compilation of the letters, but rather the story of the family’s emigration from their home in East Prussia to Texas accompanied by additional information about places and events that offers more clarity. This book is currently undergoing some technical changes.

The von Rosenberg Family of Texas: The Civil War Years takes the von Rosenberg family from the time they settled at Nassau farm and follows Peter Carl, Amanda and their five sons, all of whom served in the Confederate army during the turbulent Civil War years. This story is based on family letters and documentation from several Texas archives.

While family histories and genealogies about the von Rosenberg family have been more complete and available than Ann’s other Texas families, she is no less interested in their stories. Along with being a genealogist and writer, Ann teaches life writing classes to those who are struggling with getting their own life stories recorded. She and her husband live in Mesa, Arizona.


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