The von Rosenberg Family of Texas: The Civil War Years

In 1849, Peter Carl von Rosenberg, his wife Amanda, and their family fled East Prussia. The decision to see their home and leave everything they had known was difficult, but the escalating violence and unstable politics in opposition to their own beliefs had made it impossible for them to stay.
Life in their new home in Texas isn’t easy. Busy with learning English, making a living farming, and becoming citizens in their new home, they are once again caught up in escalating violence and unstable politics as the United States moves inexorably into the Civil War.
The two older sons and their father having served in the Prussian army were already familiar with military life, but this conflict would take all five of Peter Carl and Amanda’s sons into service….and not all of them would live to see the end of the fighting.
Follow the von Rosenberg family through their early years in the United States, and their struggle to gain citizenship not once, but twice, as they seek for the peace and opportunity promised in their new home.


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